Kody Antle(Real-life Tarzan)-Wiki, Family,Profession and Net worth

Kody Antle is a professional animal trainer best known for the son of Doc Antle and head of the Myrtle Beach Safari featured in Netflix docu-series “Tiger KIng’’. He is also famous for his nickname the real-life tarzan.He preferred calling himself a tarzan rather his birth name. He lives in south carolina with his family. Doc Antle, father of kody Antle, founded and directed the Institute For Greatly Endangered And Rare Species(T.I.G.E.R.S).

Kody Antle Wiki

Kody antle was born on 11 january 1990 in the salinas,california. According to his birth date his zodiac sign is capricorn. He is not yet married and does not have a girlfriend either. In his interview with rolling stone, he confirmed his marital status saying,’’i have been fortunate enough to be a lifelong target of the adoration of the opposite sex’’. However, he always wears a wedding band in his index finger. With a little smile in his face he revealed that ‘’wearing a wedding band keeps some of the honest women at bay’’.

Kody Antle Family

Not much information is known about Kody’s family, aside from his father and her sister named Tawny,who called herself the queen of the jungle .His mother was tragically killed in the crash a decade ago. He often relates animals as his own brothers or sisters, as he was grown in the park with these animals alongside

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Kody Antle profession

By profession he is an animal trainer and also the head of Myrtle Beach.As a result of his unique lifestyle, he has become a sensational social media icon as an animal trainer. He has become famous by posting animal photos and videos from T.I.G.E.R.S. in tiktok and on instagram.As of April 8 2021, kody has 3.3M followers on instagram and 21.9M followers on tiktok. He was dropped out from the school, after that he made arrangements to go to china to study basic medical training through his family business, And serve the rural population. He was interested in herbal medicine and yoga after he returned to the United state. In 1994, he got a chance to work on the remake of jungle book , then ace ventura. After that project he bought Myrtle Beach. Previously which was a multifamily horse ranch. Then he opened the park for the public and found himself constantly living in the tarzan costume, the single photo price rose from $5 to $20.

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Kody Antle Net worth

Talking about kody net worth, Myrtle Beach alone rises around $1.3M annually. He also has income from his social media fame. Today he has estimated net worth around $2M to $5M. In an interview with a magazine talking about his fortune,’’I’m a snake-oil salesman’’. I have always done really well financially, he said..

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