Angelica Zachary – Marlon Wayans Ex-wife’s Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth


Angelica Zachary is 48 years old, mother of two children, better known as Marlon Wayans ex-wife. Angelica’s ex-husband Marlon is a popular American comedian, actor, and film producer. Marlon is the youngest son of the Wayans family. Continue reading to know more about Angelica Zachary’s wiki, bio, family, net worth, and more.

Angelica Zachary Wiki/Bio

Angelica Zachary is a loyal, strong, empathic, humble person. To sum up she has a down-to-earth personality. Angelica is the mother of two children of famous comedian Marlon Wayans.
How old is Angelica Zachary?

Angelica Zachary’s age is 48 years as of 2021. She was born on February 23, 1982.

Real name – Angelica Zachary
Nickname – Ashley
Height – 5 feet 5 inches
Zodiac Sign – Aquarius
Nationality – African-American
Husband – Marlon Wayans (m.2005- 2013)
Children – Amai Zackery Wayans, Shawn Howell Wayans

Even though Angelica is the wife of a famous American celebrity, she tries not to show up in the media. Zachary tried to keep her personal life as well as her relationship with Marlon under wraps. Despite her private personal life, we came to find out that she is a kind-hearted person and often involved in charity work.
Education qualification of Angelica Zachary?

Angelica has completed her high school in New York, and she is a graduate student of Fashion and arts.


Movies of Angelica Zachary

Despite being the wife of film producer Marlon Wayans, Angelica has not done any movies. Most people thought that Angelica is the one who was featured in the Marlon TV series as his ex-wife, but she was actually Essence Atkins. Besides Marlon is the TV series by Marlon Wayans and Christopher Moynihan. It showcases the story of Marlon, who decided to co-parent his two children with his ex-wife despite being a popular celebrity. Along with that series is a great hit having 2 seasons already and audiences are waiting for next season as well.

Furthermore, he was inspired to create this show from his own story. As he loves both of his children and wife more than anything in his life. Although Angelica Zachary and Marlon not together anymore, they shared immense love and respect.

Talking about Essence Atkins, she is an American actress and model, who played the role of Marlon’s ex-wife as Ashley Wayne in the TV series Marlon. So, most of the audience misunderstood Essence as the real ex-wife of Marlon. Whereas Essence is an actor and she is only doing her job. Although there is a good friendship between Angelica Zachary’s ex-husband Marlon and Essence. Recently on Essence’s birthday, Marlon posted a picture of them and praised her talent and being an incredible person.

Marriage with Marlon Wayans, Children

Husband of Angelica Zachary married?

Angelica Zachary married American comedian/actor Marlon Wayans. Angelica Zachary is a private person. As she wants to live a simple life, diametrically opposed Marlon is a famous celebrity and always in the spotlight. Marlon Wayans is the funniest guy and has 10 siblings. Well, there will be another story for the Wayans family. If you want to know more details and fun stuff, then comment down below. However, they met in an event back in 1990. Then after some years of dating, the couple decided to tie the knot in 2005. There is also the rumor that they haven’t married yet but stayed together for years.

Anyway, they have two beautiful kids together, daughter Amai and son Shawn. Amai Zackery Wayans is the eldest and born on May 24, 2000, as of 2021 she is 21 years old. Likewise, their only son Shawn Howell Wayans was born on February 3, 2002. As a matter of fact, Shawn is a great basketball player, he even got the MVP award from the team.

Angelica Zachary and Marlon Wayans with their children

Unfortunately, after decades of togetherness, the couple got divorced in 2013. According to some sources Marlon has been found cheating on his wife, Angelica. In spite of that, both of them still love and respect each other. Angelica Zachary and Marlon still spend plenty of time together, watching movies, outing, and more along with their children. Moreover, they set an example that even after parent’s separation children can get love and support from both father and mother alongside.

Net Worth of Zachary Angelica

Despite Angelica Zachary’s personal as well as professional life is private, there is not enough detail about her income. However, Angelica is into business investment and has a degree in fashion and arts. Along with that, she has also got some amount from her divorce settlement with Marlon. As of 2021 her ex-husband Marlon Wayans net worth is $40 million USD. So, assuming all of the above details and information Zachary Angelica’s net worth is $3 million.

Zachary’s Instagram

Angelica Zachary’s Instagram account is @angela_zackery having 139 followers. Sadly her IG account is private. Firstly we have to send her a follow request, we can see her post only after her confirmation. However, her ex-husband Marlon Wayans is often active on Instagram and holds 5.4m followers @marlonwayans. You can also find the IG account of their son Shawn as @shawnwayansss holding 38.8K followers.

Angelica with Marlon
Angelica Zachary and Marlon Wayans

Furthermore, Marlon posts pictures praising his ex-wife, wishing her on birthday as well as mother’s day. And also appeared in his son’s basketball match. In conclusion, we can say that whatever the current relationship of Angelica Zachary and Marlon Wayans, they are definitely ex-couple goals.

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