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Brawley Nolte is an American actor, producer, and best known as the son of popular actor Nick Nolte. Being a star kid, Brawley could easily step into the movie industry. Alongside, his father is a producer. Nevertheless, he followed his dad’s footsteps and started his acting career at a very early age. Continue reading to know about his wiki, movie career, the first film, at what age Brawley started doing movies? More details about his childhood, dating life, girlfriends, children, net worth, and more.

Brawley Nolte Wiki

Born: June 20, 1986 (age 35 years)

Birth Name: Brawley King Nolte

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Nationality: American

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Parents: Nick Nolte, Rebecca Linger

Spouse: Navi Rawat (m. 2012)

Children: Nancy Nolte

Siblings: Sophie Lane

What is the age of Brawley Nolte?

Brawley was born on 20 June 1986, as of now, he is 35 years old. He is the first child of popular actor Nick Nolte and model Rebecca Linger. Before Nick got married to Brawley’s mother, he had already married two other beautiful personalities, though he hasn’t any children from them. Like his father Nick Nolte, Brawley is known for his work in Ransom. Besides, Ramson was Brawley’s first movie as well as it was a big hit. After that, he has never looked back and is still continuing his career in the movie industry.

However, at the moment Brawley is a family man. He got married to his long-time girlfriend Navi and has an adorable daughter together. Moreover, speaking about his physique, Brawley Nolte is 6 feet 1 inch tall having long brown hair and captivating blue eyes.

Childhood of Brawley Nolte

Now let’s dig into his childhood days. Brawley Nolte spent his schooling at home precisely he did homeschooling. Later he joined Los Angeles Pierce College for a Bachelor’s degree. Before joining the college, Brawley was already a star. By then he has given the biggest hit movie of his life until now. 

Brawley debuted as a child actor in the movie Ransom which was released in 1996. By that time he was only 10 years old when he was cast as the kidnapped son of a millionaire. And without any doubt, Brawley Nolte amazed everyone by his outstanding performance just like his father Nick. Also, He was even nominated for the best supporting actor for the award event Young Artist Award from this movie.

Brawley Movie Career

As we already know from the above paragraph, he started doing movies at the age of 10 years old. He was featured in a crime-thriller movie Ransom as a son of Tom Mullen’s (Mel Gibson) Sean Mullen. In fact, Ransom crossed $305 million at the box office. And luckily this movie is the biggest turning point for his acting career. After that, Brawley was fortunate enough to work with three consecutive movies in a row, Mother night, Affliction, and Hotel Rwanda. 

Later, after 5 years Brawley got a chance to work in a movie called My horizon which was produced as well as played by his own father Nick Nolte. Apparently, he has been seen in different movies and series. The interesting fact is Brawley met the love of his life Navi Rawat while doing a movie. Isn’t that beautiful. The Nolte family is related to the entertainment industry.

Nolte’s Family, Mother

Now, stepping into his family. Brawley’s father Nick Nolte is a popular actor, producer, author, and former model. Likewise, his mother Rebecca Linger is a model from west Virginia. He got married to actress Navi Rawat in 2012, has a daughter, and is living happily with his own family. 

However, Brawley’s father married 4 women including his mother Rebecca. Though Nick and Rebecca got married in 1984, she is Nick’s third wife. Later, after 10 years of their marriage, they got divorced and again Nick got married to his fourth and current wife Clytie Lane in 2016. Additionally, Nick and Clytie had a daughter together named Sophie Lane Nolte. So, Brawley has got a half-sister as well. Further, Sophie is also a child actress and played a movie opposite her own father as a daughter.

Earlier, it is also known that Brawley Nolte was charged with DUI and drugs. Nevertheless, his father handled all his charges and got a clean sheet. Recently, there is not any news about him being involved in such activity and most likely he is a family man and has his own responsibilities towards them.

Brawley Nolte & Navi Wedding, Daughter

Nolte and Navi Rawat tied the knot on 22 September 2012. Navi Rawat (Navlata Rawat) is an Indian-American television actress. She was best known as Theresa Diaz from the series The O.C. Besides, their wedding ceremony was celebrated with close friends and family in one of the islands of Montecito, California. Afterward, a grand post-marriage party was thrown and the celebration became the talk of the town.

After 4 years of being together, Brawley and Navi welcomed their beautiful daughter Nancy. Up to now, Nick Nolte has only granddaughter Nancy at the age of 80 years old. After all, Brawley and his wife Navi are happily married and living their life to the fullest. Hopefully, we could see more work from them in the future.

Net Worth of Brawley

Brawley Nolte is an actor and producer. Until now, he has done many movies, series from his childhood days. So, we must say that Brawley earns a decent amount and the expected net worth is $10 million USD. Likewise, his father Nick Nolte net worth is $75 million USD.


Social Media of Brawley

Brawley is mostly active on Instagram and Twitter. He holds IG and Twitter accounts called @brawleynolte and @BrawleyNolte respectively. Further, he has 3k followers in both IG and Twitter accounts. He creates memes as well as loves to play video games. And, you should definitely go through his Instagram account to see his hilarious meme post.

 Likewise, find her wife Navi Rawat, Instagram account @navirawat having 11.3K followers. Unlike Brawley, Navi posts pictures of her family, wishes and appreciation posts, and more. She also shares memes created by her husband. How cute is that? Isn’t it.

Most known facts about Brawley Nolte

  • Brawley Nolte is an Actor, Gamer, Nursing Student, and Memes lover.
  • Brawley loves playing and streaming video games.
  • Some of the games Brawley loves to play are Counter-Strike, Rust, Minecraft, Eqemu, Pubg, and more.
  • He is also the all-time memes lover and creator, you can find his IG account filled up with memes content.
  • Along with the memes he creates, he also adds great captions for them. It reflects that Brawley is creative as well as a brilliant writer.

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