Chiquis Rivera- bio, family, education, career, net worth

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera is the eldest child of José Trinidad Marín and Jenni Rivera. She is a famous singer, reality tv star, and famous social media personality. She is a Christian American of hispanic descent. Her grandfather is a famous celebrity, Pedro Rivera.

  • Date of birth: June 26, 1985
  • Height:5 feet 5 inches(165 cm) / (1.65 m)
  • Weight:56 kg (123 lbs)
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Birth Place: Los Angelos, California, USA
  • Nationality: Latin-American
  • Ethnicity: Latin-American (Hispanic Descent)
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Father:José Trinidad Marín
  • Mother: Late Jenni Rivera
  • Brother: Johnny Marín, Michael Marín
  • Sister: Jenicka Lopez and Jacquie Campos
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ex-husband: Lorenzo Mendez
  • Spouse: None
  • Boyfriend:  None
  • School/University:  Unknown
  • Hobbies: 
  • Career: Singer, Reality TV star
  • Net Worth:  approx $3 million dollars

Chiquis Rivera’s Appearance

According to our information, Chiquis has a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) / (1.65 m). Secondly, she has a weight of 56 kg (123 lbs). Thirdly, she has a voluptuous body build with a body measurement of 37-27-39. Fourthly, she has brown hair and eye color.

Chiquis’s Family

Chiquis Rivera is the child of José Trinidad Marín and Jenni Rivera. She is the eldest sister to her four siblings: sisters Jenicka and Jacquie and brothers Johnny Marín, and one older brother, Michael Marín.

Her mother, famous singer, and actor, Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in December 2012.

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Chiquis Rivera’s Relationship

Chiquis began dating singer Lorenzo Mendez in 2019 and married soon after. Sadly, she chose to file a divorce in September 2020.

Chiquis’s Education 

Considering, her being born into a family with celebrities, she attended a local private school in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Sadly, we have little information on her choice of University. But, we will get right back when we have any information about her university choices and attendance.

Chiquis Rivera’s Career

Chiquis is a singer and a reality TV star. She made her TV debut from her mom’s reality tv show Jenni Rivera Presents Chiquis & Raq-C, Chiquis ‘n Control in 2010. Furthermore, she continued on other reality TV shows  The Riveras, Detrás de la Fama, Feliz 2021, Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento etc.

Her first album is “Paloma Blanca” in 2014 as a tribute to her mother. Currently, she has released Entre Botellas(2018), Playlist (2020), and Abeja Reina(2021).

Also, most of her family members have careers based in art, music, social media, and the tv industry. Firstly, her late mother is a singer and actress. Secondly, her sisters Jaquie Campos and Jenicka Lopez are both reality TV stars and social media personalities. Thirdly, her brother Jonny is a singer and actor. Fourthly, her brother Micheal is a muralist and a reality tv star.

Chiquis Rivera’s Social Media

Chiquis is very active in social media. We can find her on the world’s most popular social media-Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Firstly, Chiquis’s Facebook account has more than 4 million followers while she follows 19. Secondly, Chiquis’s Instagram account has more than 16k followers, and 226 posts and she follows 401.

Thirdly, her Twitter has more than 620k followers with her following 1016 people.

Chiquis’s Net Worth

According to our information, Chiquis has an approximate net worth of more than $3 million dollars. She amassed a huge fortune from her career in the music and television industry.

Moreover, her mother  Late Jenni River had a net worth of approx $25 million US Dollars. Similarly, her grandfather Pedro Rivera has a complete net worth of approx $195.2 million US Dollars. He amassed a massive fortune from his lifetime career in Showbiz.

Also, her sister Jaquie Campos and Jenicka Lopez have a net worth of $1.5 Million US Dollars and approx $2 Million from their career in the Television Industry and social media. Similarly, her brothers Jonny Lopez and Michel Marin have a net worth of approx $2 million US Dollars and approx $5 million US Dollars from Jonny’s career as an actor and musician and Micheal’s career as a muralist and reality TV star.

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