Heather Lufkins – Cliff Robinson Wife Age, Net Worth, Children, Facts


Heather Lufkins is the wife of late NBA star Cliff Robinson. Heather is an American businesswoman, blogger, writer as well as a TV personality. Get to know more about her age, Instagram, sons, daughter, husband, and more.

Heather Lufkins Biography

Full Name: Heather Lufkins
Birthplace: United State
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Partners: Alfred Devuono (d.1998), Cliff Robinson
Children: Maddy Devuono, Clifford Robinson, Lyle Robinson

Heather is a contestant on Survivor, which is the US most loved adventure reality series. However, Heather didn’t disclose her age publicly. As of now, Heather Lufkins is 50-55 years old. Moreover, she prefers to keep her personal and well parent’s detail private. Unfortunately, we also cannot able to know about her educational background and childhood.

Lufkins came to public attention after her marriage with basketball player Cliff Robinson. Later, she was also a participant at the 27th season of Americal celebrated reality TV show Survivor. Furthermore, the 27th season is the theme of Blood vs. Water and was shot in Palaui Island, Philippines. However, Heather Lufkins couldn’t win the season, but she won lots of people’s hearts. Also, the winner of Survivor’s 27th season was Tyson Apostol.

Cliff Robinson & Heather Marriage, Children

Survivor star Cliff and Heather took a wedding vow on 21 September 2003. Even though Cliff & Heather have been previously married to Sonya Strickland and Alfred Devuono, respectively, and later got divorced. They have children with belonging partners.

Heather Lufkins has a daughter named Maddy Devuono with her ex-husband Alferd and twins son Clifford and Lyle Robinson from the late Cliff Robinson. Along with that, Heather Cliff’s children from his previous wife are Isaiah, Jessica, Savannah, and Jaylin Robinson. As a fact, Cliff’s son Isaiah followed in his father’s footsteps as a basketball player.

Who is Heather Lufkins’s husband, Cliff Robinson?

Heather Lufkins’s husband, Cliff Robinson, is an American national basketball player. He was even able to receive the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award in 1993.

How did Cliff Robinson die? Cliff Robinson passed away at the age of 53 on 29 August 2020. Although there is no official news about Cliff’s cause of death, it is said that two years back in 2018, he suffered from a serious stroke. At the same time, he was also continually fighting his year-long battle with lymphoma. So, Cliff Robinson might take his last breathe while fighting cancer.

Heather Lufkins Net Wort

Heather Lufkins is the CEO of Robinson company. Along with that, she is a blogger at The Huffington Post and a TV personality. So, the estimated net worth of Heather Lufkins is around $1 million. However, her late husband Cliff Robinson’s net worth was $20 million.

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Instagram of Heather

Heather Lufkins wants to stay away from social sites. That’s why Heather Lufkins cannot be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Sadly, Heather also rarely attends events and programs, which makes it even difficult to get her appearance.

5 Facts About Lufkins

  1. Heather is the CEO of Robinson Network and Robinson Entertainment company.
  2. She is also a participant in the popular adventure TV show Survivor in the year 2013.
  3. Besides, she is the mother of 3 children along with 4 children of her late husband Cliff Robinson.
  4. Lufkins is also an all-time blogger, she writes a blog for one of the popular The Huffington Post.
  5. Heather is not found on any social media.

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