Ila Kreischer (Bert Kreischer’s Daughter) Age, Bio, Family & Facts


Ila Kreischer is a celebrity kid to American comedian Bert Kreisher and podcast host LeeAnn Kreischer. She is a cute, fun-loving, clever, and fashion icon. Ila is a golf player and recently she did play her first game for Louisville. Now, let’s learn more details about her age, bio, family, and more.

Ila Kreischer Biography

Ila Kreischer is a young and energetic 15 years old kid. Though Ila looks a little older than her age she is only 15. Know more about her wiki down below.

Full Name: Ila Bert Kreischer
Nickname: Brownie, Ila
Date of Birth: 2006 (15 years as of 2021)
Nationality: American
Birthplace: United States
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Religion: Christianity
Parents: Bert Kreischer, LeeAnn Kreischer
Grandparents: Gege Kreischer, Al Kreischer
Siblings: Georgia Kreischer

What is Ila’s middle name? Ila Kreischer’s middle name is Bert, though her full name is Ila Bert Kreischer. Moreover, Ila’s middle name is named after her father the first name. Moreover, Ila also looks similar to her mother LeeAnn.
Now talking about Ila’s physical appearance, Ila Kreischer is 4 feet 8 inches tall. Whereas Ila’s younger sister is taller than her. Basically, she is just in her teenage so, probably her height might increase when she grows older. Moreover, Ila’s skin color is white and black straight hair.

Nevertheless, going through her educational background, Ila Kreischer is currently in high school. She is studying in one of the private schools in California. Moreover, Ila actively participates in most of her school activities.

Ila Career

Ila Kreischer is a celibrity kid. She is pursuing her career in the sport of Golf. Along with that, Ila is a high school student who aspires to study fashion. However, stay connected with her to know the latest updates about her career.


Bert Kreischer Family

Bert Kreischer family is one of the most loved families on the internet. On top of that, the Kreischer family is the cutest, inspiring, loving, and what every family wants to be. Besides, they enjoy making fun of each other in a cuties way. Bert’s family is more of friends, they travel together, go for a vacation, play golf and do lots of great things altogether.
Georgia and Ila Kreischer

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Kreischer Family

Ila & Georgia Kreischer

As Ila is the first child of Bert and LeeAnn. Ila is 2 years older than her sister Georgia. Furthermore, Georgia was born in 2004. As a fact, both of the sisters look like the younger version of their parents. Ila looks more like her mother and Georgia looks like her dad Bert.
Here are the adorable pictures of the Kreischer sisters.

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Ila with her sister Georgia

Ila’s father Bert Kreischer?

Bert is an American comedian, actor, host, Youtuber as well as a great dad and husband. Professionally, Bert hosted lots of TV popular shows. Additionally, He performed in popular TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Show with David Letterman, and more.

Most importantly, Bert one of the most loved YouTube videos is “The Machine”. It has already crossed over a 41million views as of November 2021. He connects to the audience through his YouTube channel named “Bert Kreischer”.
On the contrary, the Bertcast has already reached 489 episodes and still counting. In this podcast, Bert invited guests from a variety of industries and talk about real-world topics.

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Besides, Ila Kreischer mother LeeAnn Kreischer is also has her own youtube channel. LeeAnne hosted the podcast series “Wife of the Party” through her YouTube channel of the same name. Please check out their social media details down below.

Who are Ila’s Grandparents?

Grandmother Gege Kreischer, workes in childhood development. Similarly, her grandfather is a real-estate attorney.

Net Worth of Ila Kreischer

Ila Kreischer is still studying and pursuing her career in sports. As of now, Ila Kreischer is living a luxurious life with her parents.
Nonetheless, Celebrated Comedian Bert Kreischer’s net worth is $3 Million US dollars. On the other hand, his wife LeeAnn Kreischer’s net worth is $1 million US dollars.

The couple has set up their own studio for recording podcasts and YouTube content.

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Ila Kreischer on Instagram? Social Media

Ila Kreischer is not found using any social platform. However, you can able see Kreischer’s pictures through her parents’ Instagram account. Additionally, her mother’s Instagram username is @lkreischer holding 96.4K followers. Likewise, her father Bert’s username is @bertkreischer holding 1.8m followers.

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In a similar manner, Bert has 801K subscribers on YouTube as Bert Kreischer. Similarly, Ila mother LeeAnn has 33.5k subscribers as channel named “Wife of the Party Podcast”

Facts About Ila Kreischer

  1. Ila Kreischer is a daughter of popular standup comedian and podcast host LeeAnn Kreischer.
  2. Her favorite color is blue, season spring, Italian Cusine, singer Arina Grande, Actress Jennifer Aniston
  3. Kreischer loves fashion and she does have a good fashion sense.
  4. An interesting fact about Ila’s younger sister is, her name is named after their mother’s hometown Georgia.
  5. Nickname by her father, G-Mac, The blonde bombshell, etc. In a like manner, the nickname given by her mother is Ibay, Brownie.
  6. Ila’s best friend from the entertainment industry is none other than a popular YouTuber, actress, singer, dancer Jojo Siwa.

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