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Jaelynn Blakey is the ex-girlfriend of Aaron Donald, an American football defensive tackle for the Los Angeles rams of the national football league. He is also named a great defensive player of all time. So, there is no doubt that if anyone knows Jalen today, it is only because of her boyfriend, Aaron Donald. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to American parents. She was born into a Roman Catholic family, and she belongs to the Christian religion.

How do Jaelyn and Aaron Donald fall in love with each other?

Jaelynn Blakey completed her graduation from Penn Hills High School, where she met Aaron Donald for the first time. They started their relationship as friends that would turn into love, knowing that this love would change her life one day.

They understood each other very much, and their relationship was also well. Still, after a few days of dating, Aaron had to go out of his way to become a famous NFL(National Football League) player. Because of her relationship with Aaron Donald, she doesn’t have a good relationship with her family members, so after completing her graduation, she also moved from the town.

How did she become famous?

Jaelynn Blakey was in a relationship with Aaron from high school. She was always there with Aaron even when he was struggling and also when he was gaining success. She was always seen attending his games to support him and cheer him up. From there, everyone started to know Jaelyn as a girlfriend of Aaron, and she also started getting the fame of celebrities. Their relationship lasted for six to seven years.

Why did they break up?

There is no doubt that their relationship was going well. Then what happened suddenly that forced them to break their relationship? Well, Neither of them has disclosed the reason for their breakup. She wasn’t married to Aaron, but she gave birth to two kids. In April 2013, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Jaeda. On April 6, 2016, she gave birth to her second child, a son named Aaron Jr. She proved how much she loved her boyfriend by naming her son Aaron. It demonstrates that there is still some feeling in Jaelyn’s heart for her boyfriend, and still, she used to share pictures of her ex-boyfriend and her children on social media.

Her children have a perfect relationship with their father. And they also enjoy watching their father’s youtube channel. Although Custody of their children is still going on, it’s not fixed yet with whom the children will live.

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Is Aaron dating anyone after breaking up with Jaelynn?

Aaron’s relationship ended with Jaelyn Blackey in 2019, and reports say that Aaron Donald is dating another girl named Erica Sherman. Erica Sherman was born in 1991 in California, United States. She is 30 years old now.

From 2007 to 2012, she worked as an intern at fox sports, and then she joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Glazer Family foundation in 2013 as an assistant and worked in an organization for two years.

From 2015-2020, Erica worked at Los Angeles Rams as a community affairs and player involvement manager. So we can predict from here that maybe this is where Aaron and Erica met each other and their love story started, as we don’t have any information about them, how they met, where they met and how they started dating. According to the news, both of them were engaged in 2020. There is news On the 29th birthday OF Eric, Aaron gave her fiance a special bracelet with the picture of Aaron and her fiance inside that bracelet.

It seems that he has forgotten Jaelynn very quickly, and he is pleased with his new family. But Jaelynn still hasn’t forgotten about him. Yet we haven’t got to see that she has posted a photo with any boy on her social media.

Why is Jaelynn blackey not that active on social media?

We can say that Jaelyn is very sad about her breakup with her boyfriend; she is not doing well after that. No one can tell where she is and what she is doing at the moment. She is pretty active on Facebook, through which we can keep connected with her and make some conversation. We give blessings to her for starting a new life and moving on.

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