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Liam Costner is the son of a veteran American actor, Kevin Costner, and Pittsburg Steelers heiress Bridget Rooney. Likewise, he is also the stepson of American billionaire and business mogul, William Koch. Liam Costner was born on November 15, 1996, in the United States of America to Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney.

Date of birth: November 15, 1996

Height:5 ft 8 inches

Weight:62 kg

Age: about 26 years old

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Gender: Male

Birth Place: 

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion: Christianity

Sexuality: Straight

Father: Kevin Costner, Stepfather Bill William Koch

Mother: Bridget Rooney

Brother: Joseph, Cayden, Hayes

Sister: Annie, Lily, Grace

Marital Status: Unmarried

Spouse: Unknown

Boyfriend:  None

Girlfriend: Bella Moore (Rumoured)

School/University:  Yale University

Hobbies: Unknown

Career: Real estate agent

Net Worth: $800 million US Dollars

Liam Costner’s Appearance

Liam is 5 ft 8 inches in height and has 62 kg of weight. He was beautiful dark brown hair and blue eyes. 

Liam’s Family 

Liam Costner is the child of famous actor Kevin Coster and rich and famous heiress Bridget Rooney. He has six step-siblings, three older step-siblings, and three younger siblings. Liam’s three older-step siblings, Annie, Lily, and Joseph are from his father’s first marriage to Cindy Silva ​ and then the three younger step-siblings, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace are from his father’s second marriage to Christine Baumgartner.

 Many of his siblings are also famous in Hollywood. Firstly, his older half-sister, Anne Clayton, is a film director in Hollywood. Secondly, his second older half-sister, Lily Costner is an American actress. Thirdly, his older half-brother, Joseph Tedrick Costner is also an American actor.

Liam Costner’s Relationship

According to our weather, he is single or dating is unknown. However, rumours have it that he was dating Miss Bella Moore.

 Liam’s Education 

Due to his prominent background, much information about Liam is kept under wraps. However, it is almost apparent he has had a Yale standard educational background. 

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Liam Costner’s Career

Liam currently works as a real estate agent at Frankel Bell Realty Group. This group deals with real estate in Northern Palm County Area.

Liam has no interest in following in his father’s footsteps in a career in the showbiz industry.

Liam’s Social Media

We have little info about Liam’s Social Media. However, his father Kevin Coster is on Instagram with more than 800k followers. Sadly, his sister Lily is on social media though rarely active. Her latest post on Facebook was only in 2019.

Liam Costner’s Net Worth

According to our information, Liam Costner is worth approx $800 million from his shares in Koch Industries. Also, his dad Kevin Costner has an approx income of $250 million US Dollars. Secondly, his mother as a Pittsburg Steelers heiress is worth more than $1 billion US Dollars. Thirdly, his stepdad Bill Koch is worth more than 1.7 billion USD.

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