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Lil Niqo is an incredible American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Lil started writing rap songs when he was seven years old. And he was even recognized as the youngest rapper in 2012 after his song Television Love got a hit. His latest album is Facts over Feelings, which is available on Spotify, Amazon, and more. Check down below to know more about his wiki, girlfriend, net worth, parents, education, age, and more.

Lil Niqo Wiki:

An American-born Afro-American Lil Niqo is a talented and popular child rapper of 2012. However, it’s been nine years now, but still, he is continuing his music career, giving us many hit songs. 

How old is Lil Niqo? 

Lil Niqo is 22 years old as of 2021 and celebrates his birthday on 23rd November. 

Where is Lil Niqo from?

 He was born in California, USA, and belongs to African- American ethnicity.

Real Name: Niqoles Borleone
Stage Name: Lil Niqo
Date of Birth: 23 November, 1999
Birthplace: San Diego, Clifornia, USA
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Religion: Christianity

Even though his real name is Niqoles Borleone, he is best known as the stage name Lil Niqo. Lil is very talented and has an extraordinary voice though none of his family are into music. Moreover, talking about his physical appearance as well as educational qualification. Lil is 5 feet 4 inches tall and loves to wear hip-hop outfits. Along with that, he has got dark black curly hair and dark brown color eyes. Lil Niqo completed high school in California and is currently studying music.

Career of Niqo:

Niqo started his career in the music, art, or entertainment industry at an early age. He started writing rap songs, lyrics when he was seven years old. Afterward, Lil created his youtube channel named ‘LilNiqo’ at eight years of age. Fortunately, when he was ten years old in 2009, he got a chance to sign as a hip-hop artist in one of the renowned music companies called ‘Def Jam Music Group.’ At the same time, many famous singers, rappers such as Kanye West, Alessia Cara, Justin Bieber, etc., have worked with this company.

Musical Journey

After that, Niqo launched his first song, ‘OK Then,’ through Def Jam Records in 2012. Moreover, OK Then was featured by the popular rapper of all time Dj Khaled. Later, he released a song titled Television Love. Among other tracks, Lil’s Television Love is the most popular title track, making him popular and the youngest rapper overnight. Alongside, he has been seen participating in rap battles or rap games. How old is Lil niqo from the rap game? Lil Niqo lived his teen and was only 13 years old when he started participating in rap games.

From there on, Lil Niqo never had to look back. He continuously gets work from various events or companies, popularity, fame and earns a decent amount. Lil even appeared in some of the TV documentaries, Series The Finders, and more. Most importantly, he gets to learn a lot from other renowned and talented music artists, including Akon. Lil gives many hits songs as I Know, The Truth, Straight to the Point, The City, and many more. And obviously, how can we forget his masterpiece, Television Love which has now reached 28 million views on LilNiqo’s youtube channel. Hopefully, we will get to listen to more songs from him.


Net Worth of Lil Niqo:

Lil Niqo started his music career from a very young age. He even signed to one of the world’s popular music companies Def Jam at 8. Moreover, he has his own Youtube channel and has given many hit songs to the audience. We can assume that Lil earns a decent sum though he has not declared his net worth publicly. So, the estimated net worth of Lil Niqo according to 2021 is $3 million.

Family Members

Lil Niqo is staying with his father, mother, and two brothers. Unfortunately, there is not any detailed information about his family members. However, we know that his father is a retired serviceman, and his mom is a housewife. Also, we get to know from the online source that Lil Niqo’s mom is the financial manager of his son. Earlier, when Niqo stepped into the music industry, he was only 7. So, her mother makes sure and manages all the financial details of Lil.

Further, the Niqo family follows Christianity and belongs to the African-American ethnicity. And all of them are currently living happily in California.

Dating History & Girlfriend of Lil Niqo

Lil Niqo is rumored to be dating Faith Thigpen since they were seen together in an event. However, both of them haven’t given any confirmation about their relationship yet. However, Faith is also a singer, actress, and a great dancer. Faith is even listed as the most talented dancer after participating in the TV reality dance show Bring it.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any details about the dating history of fantastic rapper Lil Niqo. At the same time, we could not be happier when Niqo and Faith share their relationship status publicly because they look stunning together.

Social Site of LilNiqo

Lil Niqo always finds a way to stay connected with his audience. He is actively found on many social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Niqo’s Instagram account is @LilNiqo which has a huge fan following of 527K. Likewise, his Youtube channel LilNiqo hosts 192K subscribers as of July 2021. Furthermore, Lil can also be found in Snapchat holding id @The RealLilNiqo.

Where is Lil Niqo now? 

Though Niqo is active in social media, he is probably busy creating his next album. It’s been two years since his last album, Facts over Feelings, got released. Moreover, suppose you haven’t listened to his album Facts over Feelings. In that case, you can easily find it on any online music platform like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and many more. There are over 1.2K monthly listeners of Niqo’s music at Spotify.

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