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Maggie Wheeler is an American actress who is mostly recognized for playing Janice Litman-Garelnick in Friends. Although she appeared on a couple of episodes, people still recognize her after 15 years for her popular catchphrase “OH MY GOD” with her signature nasal tone and infamous laugh.

Although the show ended in 2004, all of the main cast are still in the limelight. But have you ever wondered what Maggie Wheeler is upto nowadays? If you did, then let us know more about her.

Maggie Wheeler Early Life

Maggie Wheeler was born on August 7, 1961 in New York City from parents John Jakobson and Barbara Jakobson. She spent her childhood as Margaret Emily Jakobson in a secular Jewish household and graduated from The Calhoun School, NYC. She developed love towards music, especially gospel, spiritual music and African music, during her summer camp in Vermont.

Maggie Wheeler Career

Maggie Wheeler began her career appearing on the NBC comedy sketch show titled, ‘The New Show,’ in 1984. But after working as a voice over artist for the cartoon, “Silverhawks” in the 80s, she got recognition. 

Since 1990, she focused on television shows as they provided more significant roles. She guest-starred on multiple shows like The Paper Chase, L.A. Law, Dream On, Civil Wars, Seinfeld, Doogie Howser, and The X-Files.

She also came into sight in movies playing as an Attendee in 1987’s Somebody to Love. Further Attendee is directed by Henry Jaglom. Later Marva Kulp Jr in the remake of Disney’s The Parent Trap in 1998.

Along with movies and tv shows, she contributed her voice as Harley Quinn in Batman. The Animated Series in 1997 as well as Odile in Barbie of Swan Lake in 2003. 

Maggie Wheeler as Janice in Friends

Especially considering how much of an icon she has become among fans, you wouldn’t imagine Janice only appears in 19 episodes of Friends. So take those episodes as a testament to the scene-stealing power of Maggie Wheeler. Moreover, she played Chandler Bing’s on-and-off girlfriend throughout the 10 seasons of Friends.

Firstly she auditioned for the role of Monica Geller. However, she got the part to play Janice Goralnik as it suits her personality. With her flawless performance, she is successful to stay in the hearts of millions of fans. Back then, the success of her role in Friends had opened opportunities for her future career.

What Is Maggie Wheeler Aka Janice From ‘FRIENDS’ Up To These Days?

After Friends ended in 2004, Maggie has appeared in big-time shows like ER, How I Met Your Mother and Californication. Along with that, she did movies like Dr. Dolittle 3, Waking Dream, and The 3 Tails: A Mermaid Adventure.

Besides lending her voice as Trinette in four episodes of Archer on FX, she has also voiced  in animated movies as Trudy Pickering from The Addams Family in 2019.

She won the Jury Prize award for Comedic Actress in Television Award from the LA Femme International Film Festival in 2010 and Best Ensemble from the Festigious International Film Festival for the short film Holiday Hostage in 2018.

Will Maggie Wheeler Be Cast in the New Friends Reunion?

Recently HBO Max sent out a press release on Friday, Feb 21 announcing that the entire cast of Friends will definitely be reuniting for an unscripted special that will air exclusively on HBO Max. Although it is not confirmed whether she will be cast in the new FRIENDS reunion or not but we as an audience are anticipating to see her, as Maggie Wheeler had at least one appearance in every season so far. 

Certainly, the fans will love to see her and some of the other loved guest characters like James Michael Taylor’s Gunther and Christina Pickles’s Judy Geller.

Maggie Wheeler Personal Life

Maggie Wheeler dated David Duchovny who is an American actor. They met while working in the 1989 film, New Year’s Day but unfortunately the couple didn’t last long.

On 20 october 1990, Maggie Wheeler and Daniel Borden Wheeler got married at Mattei’s Tavern in Los Olivos, California. Together they had two daughters, Juno Wheeler (born 1994) & Gemma Wheeler (born 1999) and the couple is living a happy married life.

Maggie Wheeler Net Worth as of 2020

As Maggie Wheeler’s father worked as a trader and stockbroker on Wall Street, he had left behind some fortune to his daughter. With family possessions, savings from career and being the director of an African Choral Music Choir, her net worth is approximately $2 millions. According to public records, she purchased the 4-bed, 5-bath, 3,515 sq ft home in Los Angeles, California in November of 1999 for $520K.

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