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Who is Mollee Roestel?

Mollee Roestel is a TV actor and the wife of famous TV reality show actor Marty Raney. She was born and brought up in the United States of America. She is the mother of famous actress Misty Raney.

Her husband Marty Raney is famous for the series of the well known wilderness TV reality show Homestead Rescue. He is also a mountaineer, musician and a builder.

Molle was born on 31st January 1956. She spent most of her childhood in Snoqualmie Valley. Her parents moved to their native home Spokane in 2013. Mollee is currently 66 years old. She is an American of Caucasian Ethnicity. Her maternal family has six siblings including her parents. She is currently a housewife and also has  cameo appearances in Homestead Rescue and other shows.

Mollee Roestel

Date of Birth: 31st January, 1956

Height: 5 ft 5 inch

Weight: Unknown

Age: 66 years old

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Birth Country: United States of America

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion: Christianity

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Father: Lorel Wayne Roestel

Mother: Beverly Watkins

Brother: Larry Roestel, Garry J. Roestel, Terry Roestel, Gary Roestel

Sister: Sheryl Ripley, Pam Hillemann

Relationship Status: Married

Boyfriend: None


Husband: Marty Raney

Son: Matt Raney, Miles Taney

Daughter: Misty Raney, Melanee Raney

Career: Cameo  TV Actor, House Wife

Salary: Unknown

Net Worth:$200,000

Mollee Roestel Family and Relationships:

Mollee Roestel is the child of the late American war veteran Lorel Wayne Roestel and housewife Beverly Watkins. She was born in 1956 in Washington, USA. Her parents married in 1947 and never divorced till the death of her father in February, 2020. Mollee’s mother’s current relationship status is unknown. 

Mollee Roestel has six siblings: Larry, Garry J, Terry, Gary Roestel and Sheryl Ripley and Pam Hillemann.

Mollee Roestel married her husband Marty Raney in late 1970s. They were both late teens when they married. After her marriage with Marty she went to his home in Haines, Alaska. Marty with his wife and childrens started Alaska Stone and Log Company.

Mollee and Marty have two sons and two daughters: Matt Raney, Miles Raney, Misty Raney and Melanee Raney. It is well known that the couple is training Matt to be the heir of their company Alaska Stone and Log Company. Misty is also seen together with her dad in Homestead Rescue.Miles is a well known Voyager and is the member of Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic. Melanee is a raft and ski guide in Girdwood.

Except for Miles Raney all her children are married.

Mollee Roestel Education and Career:

There is little information about where Mollee began studying. Since Mollee married at late teens and migrated to Alaska we are unsure if she continued studying.Mollee is famous in the media with her guest appearances in TV series and shows. She was in TV show Homestead Rescue and other TV shows.

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Mollee Roestel’s Social Media:

Mollee Roestel has a facebook account. She has not been involved in other social media. However her children can be found on Instagram. 

Mollee Roestel’s Net worth

Mollee Roestel has a networth of $200,000 US dollars. Her husband has a networth of $1 million dollars.

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