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Renata Elizabeth Whiteis a famous NBA fan and the supposed ex-wife of the famous basketball player Stephan Jackson. It was this marriage that made her famous all around the world. She has kept all her information except her marriage and related cases out of public eyes.

Here let us discover first-hand information about Remata Elizabeth White.

Reneta Elizabeth White

Renata Elizabeth White was born in Georgia, the United States of America in 1980. She has kept news about her family and life before marriage out of public eyes. Renata is his second wife.

Stephen Jackson Marriage

Renata married Stephen lavishly on July 11, 2009, at the Westminster United Methodist Church in Housten, Texas. They set up a reception at Hotel ZaZa.

The groomsmen included many NBA players like Mike Bibby, Marquis Daniels etc. The couple then left for a super honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Regardless, the relationship turned sour and Renata filed for Divorce.

Renata Elizabeth White and Stephen Jackson divorce

Reneta filed for divorce with Los Angeles Clipper Star Stephen Jackson on 18th July 2013 in the Georgia Court. Reportedly, the reason was that he sold her Bently without her permission and had bad relationships over the years. Her other reason was his no care for the unusual robbery in their house.

Unusual robbery in their house

Renata was attacked by thieves in an unusual situation in 2010. One day three men broke into her house and stole everything in the house. she was left with the gun on her head.

According to the neighbours, there was nothing unusual about the robbery except there was no way three people could enter the house without someone letting them in. Police still are unable to find those robbers.

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Renata Elizabeth White’s Miscarriage

Renata was pregnant with the couple’s first child. Yet it ended in miscarriage. However, the media also believes that it is one of the reasons that made their relationship sour.

What are Stephen Jackson’s Remarks about the sold Bentley?

According to Stephen, he would rather sell the Bentley than give it to any other man or woman Reneta would be with after the divorce. He does not want to be divorced from Reneta. 

Rumour has it he told the court to tear the divorce agreement as nonsense and stop wasting his time.

Have they divorced yet?

With all the dirty dishes spilt by the couple, you believe that they have already divorced. But the couple is still in a relationship. According to Stephen the couple is comping and touring and he has been able to satisfy his wife damn well.

The couple’s divorce notice is still hanging in Georgia Court.

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