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Simon Luckinbill is an artist and was born to Lucie Arnaz & Laurence Luckinbill. Though he is an artist by profession, Simon is better recognized as a celebrity son as his father Laurence is a popular American actor and director. Likewise, his mother Lucie was also a Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress, producer, writer, and singer.

Know more detailed information about Simon Luckinbill’s personal life, family, wife, children relationship, age, birthday, net worth, and other details.

Simon Luckinbill Biogrpahy

Full Name: Simon Luckinbill
Date of Birth: 10 December 1980
Nationality: American
Birthplace: United States
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Profession: Artist
Parents: Lucie Arnaz, Laurence Luckinbill
Siblings: Katharine Luckinbill, Joseph Luckinbill, Nicholas Luckinbill, Ben Luckinbill

How old is Simon Luckinbill? Simon was born in 1980, as of now, he is 41 years old. Besides, talking about his physical appearance, Simon Luckinbill stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. Also, Simon being comes from white ethnicity, his skin color is white.

Like his grandparents and parents, Simon Luckinbill is a creative from his childhood. He used to play musical instruments from the very beginning as well as studied playing drums. Although their parents are from the movie industry, Simon finds his interest and fondness towards art.

Simon Luckinbill Art

Now, going through his professional career. How did Simon Luckinbill become an artist? As Simon studies music, drum, poetry, and nutrition but he found his passion for playing with color. After that, he started getting inspiration from different sources like nature, music for his art.

Besides, Simon gradually improve his painting skills and also becomes passionate about painting. Together with, he gives his full mind and body to complete a single piece of art. That is the reason Simon’s half of the paintings at Archangel Gallery in Palm Springs sold out in about 90 minutes.


Luckinbill Family

Simon has two siblings Katharine and Joseph from his parents. Along with that, he has 2 step-brothers Nicholas Luckinbill, Ben Luckinbill from his father’s side. Even though most of his family members are in the entertainment industry, Simon Luckinbill chooses to be an artist.

Moreover, his sister Katharine, brother Nicholas are actors, and Ben is a movie producer. Similarly, Simon’s parents and grandparents are also the biggest celebrities of their time. People still admire & follow them and still, there is a huge fan following on their social sites.

Also, Simon Luckinbill’s father Laurence Luckinbill is a veteran American actor of 19’s. Additionally, Laurence is a playwright, director and has worked in numerous movies, tv, and theater. The Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Si-Fi/ Adventure) movie is one of the blockbusters of Laurence. Though there are more blockbusters/ hit movies and tv shows played by Laurence. If you are interested to know detail about Laurence Luckinbill’s career then please drop a message in the comment section below.

Simon’s Wife, Children

In the case of personal life, Simon Luckinbill is a very private person. Even though he avoids the limelight and popularity, Simon is a very kind and great family man. We came to know that he is married and even has 2 children. Unfortunately, we couldn’t able to find the proper detail about whom Simon Luckinbill is married to? But we will update the details soon when the information is been available. Stay Connected Peeps!

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Net Worth of Simon Luckinbill

Simon Luckinbill’s parents are renowned actors and also their estimated net worth is between $10-$20 million US dollars. Though Simon choose to keep his financial detail private, we came to know that his estimated net worth is around $3 million US dollars. As his art is creative, unique, and filled with passion, meanings, which gives soul to any masterpiece being created. That’s why Simon’s single painting can even be sold out in a good amount.

Social Media, Simon Luckinbill Instagram

Simon Luckinbills is not active in any of social media as of now. But you can find his mother and siblings on Instagram as well as on other social media sites.

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