Tavi Gevinson – gossip girl, height, net worth, boyfriend, family, and more.


Tavi Gevinson is a former fashion blogger & magazine editor turned Actress. Although Tavi is an actress, she is also writing/working on her book. As of now, she is living in New York, USA. Find out how Tavi became an actress from a fashion blogger. Also know about her gossip girl journey, height, net worth, boyfriend, family, and more.

Tavi Gevinson Wiki

Date of Birth: 21 April 1996 (25 years as of 2021)
Nickname: Tavi
Birthplace: Chicago, United States
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Profession: Actor, Model, Writer, Magazine Editor
Parents: Steve Gevinson, Berit Engen
Grandparents: Harry Gevinson, Marcella Grossman
Siblings: Rivkah Gevinson, Miriam Gevinsion

Who tall is Tavi? The height of Tavi Gevinson is 5 feet 3 inches or 160cm.
Tavi Gevinson is an American actress, writer, magazine editor, and entrepreneur. Tavi started her own fashion blog called Style Rookie in 2008 when she was just 11 years old. Instantly, Style Rookie is able to grab the public’s attention and get a good response from them. From there Tavi came into the limelight. Later, in 2011 Style Rookie’s fashion blog turned into an online magazine called Rookie.

Besides, after 4 years of converting a blog into an online magazine, Tavi Gevinson shifted her focus to themes like pop culture and feminism. Alongside, she was also completing her school at Oak Park and River Forest High School. Initially, Tavi started a fashion blog only for the purpose of giving people some information related to the fashion industry. Moreover, Rookie magazine includes essays, comics, interviews, and a lot more which are all written by teenagers. Unfortunately, in 2018 Tavi decided to shut down the Rookie website, however, we are able to find @rookiemag on Instagram.

Family of Tavi

Tavi Gevinson belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Her father was born in an Orthodox Jewish family and her mother, a Norwegian. Talking about Tavi’s parent’s profession, her father is a former English teacher in a school and her mother is a textile artist. Well, it is safe to say that all of the creativity she has was got from her mother. Likewise, her great writing style resembled her father’s.
Furthermore, Tavi has two sisters Rivkah and Miriam. Whereas, Rivkah is involved in the film production industry and Miriam is involved in Synagogue’s Youth Group. Tavi is currently staying by herself in New York City away from her home & family.

Tavi Gevinson’s Early life and Career

Gevinson was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States. She completed her High School at Oak Park and River Forest High School in Chicago. During her middle school, she dressed differently & uniquely than other girls. She used to collect fashion magazines, cut & assemble pictures of dresses, accessories, and others. Although people criticize her dressing style, Tavi didn’t stop exploring her looks and styling. That’s why she is a fashion icon as of now.

As said above, Tavi Gevinson started her own fashion blog Style Rookie in 2008. Later, the Style Rookie blog turned into an online magazine Rookie. Where Rookie is the collection of strong thoughts about several topics related to fashion, music, comics, and more. Tavi was the founder and editor of Rookie and she continued giving people good content till 2016. After that, she decided to shut down online magazines and started doing podcasts. Tavi hosted & produced a podcast show called Life Skills by Rookie. Alongside she was slow doing theater, movies, TV shows, and writing as well.

Movies, TV, Theatre & Articles

Tavi Gevinson stepped into the movie industry in 2012. Her debut movie is ‘Enough Said‘ which is directed by Nicole Holofcener. Afterward, she did multiple theatre plays and movies side by side. Some of her other movies are Person to Person, & Halston. Likewise, Tavi’s works in theatre are Mary Warren in The Crucible, Peggy in Days of Rage, and more. Besides her Movie and Theatre career, she was also featured in TV series like Gossip Girl as a teacher, The Twilight, The Accidental Wolf, Scream Queens, and others.

Some of her best articles are Rookie Goodbye Letters, Who Would I Be Without Instagram, Letter To The Future, Britney Spears Was Never in Control and Art Doesn’t Need Tyrants.

Boyfriend of Tavi

Back in her high school Tavi dated a boy named Sam. After she moved to New York the couple broke up. Later, in 2016 there was a rumor that she was dating Ezra Koening, an American musician, singer, producer, radio personality, and songwriter. Though Tavi and Ezra didn’t mention their dating status in public, it is said that they dated for 1 year. As of now, Ezra is committed to American Actress Rashida and they have a son together.

After that, there is no dating rumor about Tavi Gevinson till now. So, on a clear note, Tavi is not dating and is happily single.


Tavi Gevinson Net Worth

Although Tavi Gevinson started her career as a fashion blogger, she is now an actor, model, entrepreneur, and whatnot. She has also worked as fashion editor on some of the popular magazines like Vogue and Winter. Therefore, being involved in multiple professions she has earned a decent amount until now. So, the estimated net worth of Tavi Gevinson is $7 million USD as of 2021.

Tavi’s Instagram, Twitter

Being a former online magazine editor, blogger Tavi is actively found on social sites. Though she is more likely found on the cover of magazines as well. However, her Instagram & Twitter account @tavitulle have 501K & 367.1K followers respectively.

Moreover, her online magazine @rookiemag has 198K followers. It is obvious that when Style Rookie had launched 10 years later then it would most probably have been an Instagram account instead of a blog.

Facts About Tavi Gevinson

  • Tavi Gevinson wants to make movies & TV shows.
  • She is a huge follower of American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks.
  • Tavi loves watching scary/horror movies.
  • Due to her fashion blog, Tavi got a chance to visit New York Fashion Week in Paris.
  • Tavi loves animals and also recently she adopted a dog.
  • Currently, Tavi is working on her book to get published.

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