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How Much Does Poppy Harlow Make

How Much Does Poppy Harlow Make? Revealing the Financial Success of a Renowned Journalist: Curious minds want to know – just how much does Poppy Harlow make? As one of the most influential and respected journalists in the industry, Poppy Harlow’s career path has been nothing short of remarkable. From her impactful reporting to her financial success, she has become a household name. In this article, we’ll delve into her journey to success, explore her impact as a reporter, uncover her financial achievements, and even take a peek into her family life and philanthropy. So, if you’ve ever wondered about the numbers behind Poppy Harlow’s impressive career, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in and uncover the fascinating world of Poppy Harlow’s earnings.

Poppy Harlow’s Career Path to Success

Poppy Harlow, whose full name is Katharine Julia Harlow, has journeyed from an intern at CBS News to a prominent figure in the world of journalism. Her career trajectory is one of determination, skill, and continuous learning. Let’s delve into how her work ethic and dedication have translated into her impressive earnings.

Early Career and Education

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Poppy Harlow was raised in a nurturing environment by her parents, James and Mary Louise Harlow. She attended the Blake School, a nurturing ground for her burgeoning intellectual curiosity. With a penchant for the intricate world of politics and communication, she further honed her skills at Columbia University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Her career in journalism took root with a foundational experience at CBS News, where she worked as a producer for the CBS Evening News Weekend Edition and CBS Newspath. This early experience in a high-pressure environment set the stage for her future success.

Transition to CNN

In 2012, a major career milestone was achieved when Poppy Harlow joined CNN as a business correspondent. Her adeptness in financial journalism was showcased as she also took on the role of an anchor for CNNMoney.com. Harlow’s ability to translate complex economic narratives into engaging stories cemented her reputation as a trusted voice in business journalism.

Poppy Harlow’s Impactful Reporting

Harlow’s dedication to her craft is evident through her coverage of pivotal national events. From the heart-wrenching Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting to the chaos of the Boston Marathon bombing and the contentious 2016 Presidential Election, her reporting has provided clarity and insight during times of national upheaval.

High-Profile Interviews

Her work has also placed her in conversation with some of the world’s most influential figures. The likes of Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, and Ivanka Trump have all been subjects of her incisive interviewing style, offering viewers an in-depth look into the minds of these leaders.

Poppy Harlow’s Financial Success

Given her illustrious career and high-profile interviews, it is no surprise that Poppy Harlow earns a salary that reflects her expertise and contribution to journalism. With an annual income reported to be between $2 million and $2.5 million, her net worth has grown to an estimated $6 million.

Real Estate Investments

Poppy Harlow’s financial acumen extends beyond her salary. She and her husband Sinisa Babcic have made astute real estate decisions, such as the sale of their Hamptons house for $5.5 million in 2019. The couple’s current residence, a luxury condo in Manhattan, signifies both a personal space for their family and a savvy investment.

Family Life and Philanthropy

While her professional life is a testament to her capabilities, Poppy Harlow’s personal life is equally rich and fulfilling. Married to Sinisa Babcic since September 2012, they share a loving family with their children, Sienna and Luca. Despite a scary episode in December 2015 when she passed out live on air due to low blood pressure, Harlow’s resilience has seen her continue to thrive both as a mother and a journalist.

Commitment to Charitable Causes

Her empathy and concern for others are reflected in her support for charitable organizations like Save the Children, the Hewitt School, and Girls Inc. Her philanthropic efforts underscore a commitment to giving back and supporting communities in need.


Poppy Harlow’s career is a powerful example of where talent, hard work, and a passion for storytelling can lead. Her significant salary and net worth are not just figures but a testament to her impact as a journalist and anchor. Her life, both professionally and personally, reflects a narrative of success, stability, and generosity that continues to inspire many.

As we explore the figures behind her earnings, we also celebrate the qualities that have made Poppy Harlow a respected name in journalism. It is a story of a woman who has deftly balanced the demands of a high-profile career with family life and philanthropy, all while navigating the pressures and complexities of the modern media landscape.

FAQ & Common Questions about Poppy Harlow

Q: How did Poppy Harlow become a journalist?

A: Poppy Harlow began her career as an intern at CBS News and worked her way up to becoming a business correspondent at CNN.

Q: Is Poppy Harlow still married?

A: Yes, Poppy Harlow is still married to Sinisa Babcic since September 2012.

Q: What is Poppy Harlow’s net worth?

A: Poppy Harlow’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

Q: What did Poppy Harlow study in college?

A: Poppy Harlow studied political science at Columbia University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree.

Q: What national events has Poppy Harlow covered?

A: Poppy Harlow has covered several national events, including the Boston Marathon bombing, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and the 2016 Presidential Election.

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