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Evel Knievel Net Worth At Death

Evel Knievel Net Worth At Death – Are you curious about how much money the legendary daredevil Evel Knievel had when he passed away? Well, get ready to be amazed as we delve into the jaw-dropping net worth of this motorcycle maverick. From his death-defying stunts to his incredible rise to fame, Evel Knievel’s journey was nothing short of extraordinary. Join us as we explore the thrilling life and career of this iconic figure, and uncover the surprising details about his net worth at the time of his death. Get ready to be blown away by the incredible story of Evel Knievel’s financial legacy.

The Legendary Life and Career of Evel Knievel

The Early Years: From Butte to Daredevil Icon

Born in 1938 in the robust town of Butte, Montana, Evel Knievel’s early life was anything but ordinary. Raised by his paternal grandparents after his parents’ divorce, Knievel’s penchant for the extraordinary began to manifest early. He cut his teeth as a diamond drill operator with the Anaconda Mining Company, a job that required precision and a steady hand—qualities that would later define his daredevil career. His athletic prowess was also evident when he entered—and won—local ski jumping events and professional rodeos.

His service in the United States Army saw him excel as a pole vaulter on the track team, showcasing his natural athletic abilities and his unyielding spirit. The Sur-Kill Guide Service, a venture he started to support his family, was another testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. His passionate hitchhike from Butte to Washington, DC, was a crusade against elk culling in Yellowstone, displaying his fervent advocacy for causes he believed in.

From Insurance Salesman to Motorcycle Maverick

The Shift in Gears: Insurance to Entrepreneurship

After a stint in the motocross circuit that left him with injuries, Knievel ventured into the insurance business, swiftly becoming a top-tier salesman. However, his ambition led him to quit after being denied a promotion, propelling him towards his next venture: opening a Honda motorcycle dealership in Moses Lake, Washington. Despite the dealership’s eventual closure, this period was crucial for Knievel’s evolution as a daredevil. It was during this time that he learned how to do a wheelie, a skill that would become a staple in his performances.

A Spark of Inspiration: The Birth of a Daredevil

Inspired by Joie Chitwood’s auto daredevil show, Knievel embarked on a journey that would cement his name in history. He started his own stunt show, securing a partnership with Bob Blair and setting the stage for his debut with a team of daredevils at the National Date Festival in Indio, California, in 1966. The subsequent solo performances would be the crucible in which the legend of Evel Knievel was forged.

The Rise to Fame: A Series of Spectacular Jumps

Defying Death: The Jumps That Captivated America

Knievel’s audacity to jump cars and motorcycles captured the nation’s imagination. His infamous crash in Missoula, Montana, after a major jump attempt, and his miraculous clearance of 15 cars in Gardena, California, were precursors to the more harrowing injuries he would endure in Graham, Washington. Yet, his indomitable spirit remained unbroken.

His appearance on “The Joey Bishop Show” in 1968 catapulted him to national fame, with millions now tuning in to watch his death-defying exploits. The infamous Caesars Palace jump in 1967, where he cleared 141 feet over the fountains only to crash spectacularly, became the stuff of legend. His resilience was unmatched, even setting a world record in 1971 by jumping over 19 cars in Ontario, California.

Chasing the Ultimate Thrill: The Snake River Canyon Jump

The Grand Canyon loomed as Knievel’s ultimate challenge, but fate led him to the gaping maws of Idaho’s Snake River Canyon. In 1974, this would become the site of one of his most audacious attempts. Although unsuccessful, the jump echoed Knievel’s relentless pursuit of greatness, a trait that would define his entire career.

Retirement and Continuing the Legacy

Final Bow: The Chicago Tank Jump and Beyond

By 1977, after an aborted jump over a tank of live sharks in Chicago, Knievel decided it was time to retire from major performances. But the thrill-seeker in him didn’t rest; he continued to make appearances at smaller venues, supporting his son Robbie’s burgeoning career as a stunt performer.

Artistry and Entrepreneurship in Later Years

During the 1980s, Knievel claimed to have channeled his creative energies into art, selling works he allegedly created. His knack for marketing and brand promotion was evident in the 1990s when he lent his legendary status to Harley-Davidson, Little Caesars, and Maxim Casino. Even in the twilight of his career, he brokered a deal to sign over rights for a rock opera based on his life, a testament to his enduring appeal.

In 2005, Evel Knievel’s last public “ride” was intended to support Hurricane Katrina victims. Although a mild stroke prevented him from riding, his spirit of giving and showmanship remained undaunted.

Evel Knievel’s Personal Life and Health Battles

Family Life and Personal Struggles

Evel Knievel’s personal life was as turbulent as his career. Married to Linda Joan Bork in 1959, together they had four children. His private battles included a life-saving liver transplant in the late 90s while suffering from Hepatitis C, and later, a terminal lung disease diagnosis in 2005, compounded by two minor strokes.

Evel Knievel’s Net Worth and Death

The Final Jump: Evel Knievel’s Legacy and Fortune

At the time of his death in 2007, Evel Knievel’s net worth stood at $3 million—a culmination of a lifetime spent pushing the boundaries of human daring and showmanship. His passing in his Clearwater, Florida residence marked the end of an era for a man who became synonymous with courage and spectacle.

The legacy of Evel Knievel, inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999, transcends mere financial figures. It is a testament to human perseverance, the sheer will to entertain, and the undying quest to conquer the impossible. His life, fraught with triumphs and setbacks, injuries and recoveries, encapsulates the spirit of a true American icon. Evel Knievel’s story is one of a man who, against all odds, leaped into the annals of history with a roaring motorcycle and an unbreakable resolve.

The narrative of Evel Knievel is not just a tale of financial success; it is a saga of a man who lived life on the edge and became an immortal legend in the hearts of millions.

FAQ & Common Questions about Evel Knievel Net Worth At Death

Q: What was Evel Knievel’s net worth at the time of his death?

A: Evel Knievel had a net worth of $3 million at the time of his death in 2007.

Q: What was Evel Knievel known for?

A: Evel Knievel was known for his ambitious and risk-taking motorcycle jumps. He did over 75 ramp-to-ramp jumps during his career.

Q: Was Evel Knievel recognized for his achievements?

A: Yes, in 1999, Evel Knievel was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Q: What health struggles did Evel Knievel face?

A: In the late 90s, Evel Knievel received a life-saving liver transplant while suffering from Hepatitis C. In 2005, he was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease and had two minor strokes. He required a supplemental oxygen supply 24/7.

Q: Where did Evel Knievel pass away?

A: Evel Knievel passed away at his residence in Clearwater, Florida in November 2007.

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